Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Elgards

Sunday, October 28, 2007

some hottie with my son

little dragon

These were taken at our church halloween party, Neewollah Palooza. Family picture coming soon.
Kinsley Lacina

Averie & Hadley Elgard

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ineloquent - One of These Days

This band freakin rocks...but I'm a bit biased, as they are my buddies. They only have a 5-song EP recorded at this point, but they are in the process of recording a full album. I think this song will be on it. I love it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mid-terms become me.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

review - overdressed, caedmon's call

Like Casting Crowns, this is a group who in my opinion doesn't do anything amazing musically, however their lyrics are typically genius (in particular, their albums 40 Acres, Long Line of Leavers, and Back Home). Ever since Derrick Webb left the group, the music as a whole just hasn't been the same. With Derrick's return to the group for the album, I had huge hopes for a return to the old-school genius music, however I just wasn't that impressed. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great album, but there just isn't a song where you think, "Wow, that is a great song" (like 40 Acres = Faith My Eyes, Long Line = Piece of Glass, Back Home = Mystery of Mercy, among others). About half the album contains good songs (#1, #2, #3, #5, #11, #12), but then the rest of the songs are either just plain boring or else the lyrics are shockingly amateur.
Nevertheless, I do have to admit that I had higher than normal expectations for this album, and as a whole it is still definitely worth a listen.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

hearing God

I've been having a hard time deciding between the Counseling Licensure program (which I'm currently enrolled in) and the Counseling Ministries program. It's been somewhat a battle of my heart vs. my head. I am more drawn to the spiritual health side of counseling, but the logic says to get trained in mental health to be more marketable in case I can't find a job in a ministry.

While I was at school last Thursday I decided to take a walk along the Platte River behind the campus to do some praying about this huge decision. As I marveled at the clear blue sky and the beauty of the nature around me, a distinct thought entered my head. "God does miracles." This thought repeated itself over and over again as I reflected on my struggles. God Does Miracles. That was all there was. As simple as it sounded, I recognized how profound it also was.

As I kept walking further from campus I saw a sign in the distance. I decided to walk that far and then turn around and head back towards campus. When I got to the sign I found myself looking at it from the side, to where I was only able to see the posts holding it up. As I walked back the other way and the sign became more visible again, it struck me how much I view reality in front of me with such a limited perspective. When I keep walking, eventually the whole truth of what's in front of me becomes visible. It was at that moment that a second phrase entered my thoughts: "I have great plans for you."

As this statement repeated itself in the forefront of my mind, "God does miracles" slowly faded to the back, though still lingering. I Have Great Plans For You. They might not make sense to you right now, but your perspective is limited. And even when you think you can see more clearly, remember that I do miracles. God was definitely speaking to my heart, and he had my attention at this point.

As I neared campus there was a bicyclist heading towards me on the path I'd have to cross to get back to the school. I played a little game and decided to not slow my pace to see if he'd pass me by the time I needed to cross the path. Sure enough he passed just before I had to cross, and I never slowed down. At that moment the third statement entered my thoughts while the second phrase joined the first in the back of my mind. "My timing is perfect." As that phrase dominated my thoughts for the rest of my walk, I suddenly realized how little trust I've had in God's goodness. My Timing Is Perfect. God holds my tiny future in his enormous hands. And he takes great care of it.

God, you've brought us this far and you've not only provided the necessities but you've blessed abundantly. When will I allow the anxiety to melt? You are a good God. I will follow your lead and embrace this process of learning to depend fully on you. Please help me in my unbelief.

i can't believe this kid is 2

mase counts to ten

Monday, October 8, 2007

Apparently this freaky-looking bird was in my parents yard yesterday trying to eat the fish and turtle out of their pond. There's no point to this story, except to show you what a freaky-looking bird this was. What the crap kind of bird is this?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

review - the altar and the door, casting crowns

One of the most common complaints I hear about a band like Casting Crowns is that nobody wants another band/artist like MercyMe. There are just too many out there that all sound the same (see Downhere, Michael W. Smith, Shawn McDonald, Shane & Shane, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Aaron Shust, Tree 63, Jeremy Camp, blah blah blah). I'm with you. Other than for 3 or 4 songs, MercyMe (and most of those others) is just way too overrated. On some level I can understand putting CC in with this group. I'm talking mostly on the musical and general style level. On the lyrical level, I'd strongly disagree.

I think it is very difficult to combine good quality sound with creative & theologically sound lyrics. There are too many artists out there who write Christian lyrics at the expense of making a good quality song (the current examples are Todd Agnew and Matthew West - absolutely horrible). Most have captured a decent sound but lack any creativity in their lyrics (see most of the bands originally listed). It's here where CC sets themselves apart from the others.

This album does not disappoint. I'm not convinced that they've surpassed the genius of their previous album Lifesong, however this one certainly isn't far behind. The best songs are #3 Slow Fade, #4 East to West, #7 Somewhere in the Middle, #8 I Know You're There.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

what i call "pulling a Shawna"...

...since she did this twice as a kid (bit through her tongue). Thankfully this one didn't require stitches, or at least the doctors just didn't want to attempt to hold him down. =)

Thursday, October 4, 2007


No, "EEK" is not in reference to my new nephew's initials, it is an expression of my excitement about the new Radiohead album In Rainbows being released on October 10th!!! Most of you could give a flying leap about this band, but perhaps you will change your mind after they are all dead since they are artistic genius'.

The band: Radiohead. The genre: Genius Rock.
Genius Rock, people. Genius Rock.

decisions decisions decisions

Boy am I tired of making decisions that affect the rest of our lives. My current quandry is once again in relation to school. To make a long story short, I am currently in the Counseling Licensure program at D Sem, but strongly considering making a slight change to the Counseling Ministries program. I'd be shorting myself the ability to counsel in a clinical setting (the mental health arena), but availing myself to be trained more deeply in spiritual health, the arena where my heart truly lies. The logical advice I receive is to go for the licensure anyway and keep my options open. The "heart" advice I receive (and am most drawn to) is that Kari and I have taken leaps of faith to even get to this position, and to take one more small step and follow my passion. The downside: I'd be less marketable. The upside: I'd be on the road to doing what I truly feel called to do. Is this a trusting God issue? or a taking-the-easy-road-out issue? I await the Holy Spirit's direction. In the meantime I covet your prayers and welcome your words (since that is often how the Spirit manifests his own voice).