Thursday, September 20, 2007

lunchtime | naptime

Make sure your sound is on...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

moving out

Well, we're moving out of our apartment this weekend, only to go back into my in-laws basement. =) The plan is to be there for 3 months or so, save up some sweet mulah with Uncle Rico, and look for a house to purchase in Parker (about 10 min. east of where we live now). Parker is close to our beloved church, as well as to some family.
Also, I finally sold my sweet Chevy Cavalier and bought my boss' old truck for work. From one beater to another...but at least the truck is a bit more manly. Plus now I'm more official as a window and door installer guy. It wasn't much fun showing up to construction sites in my tupperware-mobile.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

weekly schedule

My family (ok, so it's just my mom) likes to know my schedule and I'm not sure I ever shared it because it's just stablized. So here's an average week for me.

Sun: Church (am), homework/rest/prep for the edge (pre-teen youth group), the edge (pm), family time, homework, bed

Mon: Work, basketball with church guys (every other week), bed

Tues: Work, family time, homework, bed

Wed: Work, family time, homework, bed

Thurs (class day): Take Mason to Elgards, Counseling Theories, lunch, Psychopathology, break, Intro to School Counseling, family time, bed

Fri: Breakfast with church guys (every other week), work, family time, bed

Sat: family time/errands, homework, family time/church friends time

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

linkin park concert

So I recently found out that a friend from church is related (thru marriage) to David the bass player for Linkin Park. Last week he offers me a VIP ticket he got from David to last Monday's concert here in Denver. Let me just say it was all I expected it to be: it freakin rocked.

The strange part was that I was listening to a lot of f-bombs standing right next to my pastor. The sweet part was that my pastor was standing right next to me during a Linkin Park concert. We got there in time to see a little bit of Taking Back Sunday, and then My Chemical Romance. MCR is one of my favorite secular bands right now, but the concert made me a bit less of a fan. Not that I should have expected much from the lead singer, but he was freakin strange and a whole bunch of scary. The music was still good. But then Linkin Park closed out the show and aside from the barrage of f-bombs, they were freaking sweet. Great show.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I spoke at church today on loving God through loving others. You can download it from (under the "Sundays" and "Audio" links) if you're interested or just bored. I'd love any feedback from anyone who listens to it.