Saturday, March 29, 2008

visit from grammy

Mom, Mason sure had a great time with you last week. Thanks again for making the trip!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now that I've vented about the loss...

...and mid-terms are over... I feel the freedom to write on more pointless subjects.

My mom, who is visiting from Tucson this week, asked me when I had time to blog seeing as how I have family, church, work, school, and a new house on my plate. I think I just find it therapeutic, so I make the time. It's nice to be able to write/share whatever I want without having to worry about boring other people. You don't like it, don't read it. On that note...

I will never grow tired of the song Frail, by Jars of Clay (see the music playlist to the right).
I'm not sure what the heck the words mean, although I have some thoughts, but that is my definition of absolutely beautiful music. The producer of their greatest hits album is an idiot for not including it on the playlist. Throw a piano into it and it doesn't get any better. There is a piano version out there, but that one doesn't have the strings (violin, cello, etc.). I strongly gravitate towards any soft alternative music that has piano and strings. Deadly combo.

And what the heck is wrong with all of you people who haven't seen The Last Samurai?
I will never grow tired of that flick. I caught some flak a couple Sundays ago when I said from the pulpit that I favor this movie over Braveheart. But c'mon people, seriously, as amazing and manly as Braveheart is, it lacks the relational and spiritual depth that makes Last Samurai so good. Now I do admit that some of the acting could afford to go, but the script is absolutely genius. Give it a try. Especially if you've seen Braveheart. This one skips the sex and most of the gore.

Since I'm on a roll, let me add a book for fathers of boys: The Way of The Wild Heart, by John Eldredge.

I actually haven't finished it yet because of school getting in the way, but the first 2 chapters are sweet. I know Eldredge has as many critics as he does fans, so this one might be harder for me to sell. I'd label myself 75% fan, 25% critic of Eldredge in general. I think he made a mistake by giving this book a title so closely tied to his most popular book, Wild at Heart. That one got so much hype and criticism that many people probably won't even pick this one up. But this one is an easier read because of its practical nature (whereas WaH was more subjective and sometimes fluffy). That's all I'll say on this because now I'm tired.

If you got this far, thanks for reading.

West Virginia 75, Arizona 65

Tonight I went through once again what every fan goes through when their team stinks it up. I rooted hard for them for most of the game...cheering for every much-needed 3-pointer and yelling at every horrendous choke. Then when I realized it just wasn't gonna happen I started cheering for the enemy. "What a fitting end to a crappy season. I hope they lose." Seemed to make sense at the time, but I only go there to lessen the pain.

It's still fresh. "There's always next year." Lute's back next year...I expect he'll resurrect the program if he can resurrect himself first.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

kari's blog

My hottie wife just started her own blog.....finally.

I think I might actually like her name better than my own....dang it.